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pollution with plastic

Pollution, processed food, stress, lack of money, aggressive exploitation of resources, illegal deforestation, illegal fishing, corruption in the political system – are just a few factors that have definitely changed our society. We have ceased to live, more correctly said it would be that we struggle to survive, every day is a struggle to keep our job, to pay our bills, to give our childrens everything we did not have. Life has become a race against time, without realizing the bad thing we make ourselves and to the environment through a chaotic life.

We are in the situation where the scientists themselves don’t have anymore a clear answer about our existence on this earth. Famous professor Stephen Hawking said in a conference that as we exploit resources and pollute the atmosphere, mankind will survive no more than 100 years old from now.

The solution does not come from heaven, even if we constantly pray. We have created this society – is our duty to change it until is not too late. It is hard, almost impossible, but we still have a chance, it is not fair to capitulate. We can try, through small steps, to use technology to our advantage, not to hurt each other. We can use free energy that sun gives us for millions of years instead of burning coal. We can use wind and rivers, nature gives us everything we need.
It depends only on us if we want to do something or we prefer not to see the nature around us is dying.
If we continue this way, one thing is clear: earth will survive, we won’t..

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