About this project

The story of everything

Betrayed by some units bits of knowledges, by hypotheses more or less plausible, humanity was decided a name, a theory intended to shut down somehow the void of the beginning: the Big Bang, the magical moment of the appearance of a piece of rock in the Universe called EARTH. Despite of its small size, this planet that tolerates us every day, with a tumultuous history, looks like a cop detective novel, changing its face and hiding the evidence of the past.

The continents have split us so that one day they can unite again, the sea covers entire faults so that later it will retreat, the mountains that we call the “roof of the world” will definitively erode keeping riddles that will never be deciphered.
Docile and humble, this little planet has made its way around the great sun, like a child near his father, a journey he lit is been going trough for 365 days, for millions of years, as a true perpetuum mobile, making it harder to face the fiery meteorite strikes, Milky Way mother’s small spanks. Of course, it created real shields for the entire assault coming from space made up for radiation, gases, cosmic particles that could have fatally damaged the evolution of things.
Then followed what should have been magic, the appearance of life, the collognial theme meant to overcome the most sharp minds of religion and science, the moment when a cell decided to divide, loosing the pressure of loneliness in an absurd darkness.

And things have succeeded for so many thousands of years until the appearance of the so-called superior being, gifted with intelligence, THE HUMAN RACE, a turning point that would bring with it the change of the earth’s face in good and in bad in the equal measure.

Beyond the famous and consecrated Seven Wonders of the World, there are hundreds of other miracles capable of cutting your breath, but who have not benefited from notoriety, perhaps due to a fateful game of fate. I’m thinking here of Boreal Aurora, the place where chemistry, physics and visual illusion create a perfect show, Lake Titikaka, venerated by cassas, the waterfront at the highest altitude, but less known due to Machu Pichu Temple, Tibetan Plateau or the Grand Canyon of Utah are just a few examples of unfairly eclipsed places.

Pushed by a chaotic chase on the way to petting money, which is more fertile to the body then the soul, the human forgot to touch the earth and listen to his pain, he forgot that in this short and ephemeral existence he has the moral duty to keep unaltered these beauties, leaving for the future generations the opportunity to admire the magic of this mystical planet.

It is time to do something for this pale blue dot as Carl Sagan named our little planet. So many wars, so much anger, so many hopeless people, so much suffering, all on this little planet. We don’t even know anymore what we eat, what we drink and, most important, what we breath. Everyday, we throw into the atmosphere millions of tons of CO2, day after day.

We kill this planet, our home, the only we have.

We must act before is too late. We don’t need money, it cost zero to be a decent person. And a decent person is responsible with everything that surrounds him.